Education for human rights respect is our mission and, for more than ten years, we have been training teachers and students of every grade, from primary school to university students.

We give university students the chance to study human rights and, at the same time, visit Florence promoting a sustainable tourism that let them enjoying art and learn the ancient and modern history of ethics and human rights.

We offer tailored made courses, according to your interests: now IT IS YOUR TURN!!! Let us know what human rights issue you want to find out more about and come to enjoy Florence!! 

You will also find your house at the Robert F. Kennedy International House for Human Rights12 rooms, equipped with a private bathroom, located on two separate floors. 11 rooms have been designed for the occupancy of two people and the other is a single-occupancy room. Each room features free internet access, Wi-Fi and Lan.

The Kitchen, where buffet breakfasts are served, is fully equipped with modern appliances.

 A large and bright Living room, where our guests can read, work on their electronic devices, organize meetings, or meet with other guests.

Loggia is an outdoor space, situated on the first floor of the Robert F. Kennedy Center Europe. It may used by the guests as a common space to relax.

What are you waiting for? Choose the training you want to attend and … prepare your suitcase!!!

We are waiting for you…

For information and reservation please contact us:

+39 0555389250